a blur of internet adverts….

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

The zoo had a ‘it’ issue which meant browsing without an adblocker – i had to boot with another linux distro to get files off an unbootable box and i used a copy of firefox that came on the usb stick i had made in the past.

If most of that passed you by in a blur of incomprehension that was the simple explanation.

I asked on the internet if i was doomed in my problem and concluded i was (before i did) and the internet did not help – but the adverts kept loading and loading and loading the status bar never stopped with get and post requests.

The page never finished loading.

Despite being on the zoos lan (or intranet) all day our internet usage was double for uploads and downloads compared to the last week.  That probably was advert content.

I fixed my issue and you can guess what i reinstalled first.  Quite how you all process that meaningless stream of distraction is something you will have to explain to me