never heard of it – or the monkey house tech firm rename


Trigleypuff – Twiters trust and safety council in the flesh

Bananas was minding her own business when the alpha who was reading the newspaper (my blog) asked if i had heard of snaptext – it is worth billions apparently as snapchat but i had not heard of snaptext out of the context as the alpha said it was called that.

It dawned on me later that i had heard of chat, but not snaptext* and the way twitter is going with sjw (my blog) in charge to call twitter a billion dollar company that also has not made a profit is pause for thought.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceAnyhow I hope i made you laugh.

It shall be interesting to see if chat / sms can span generations or whether each generation will have its own platform for instance snapchat either for generational reasons or through existing sites problems …. say  Twitters censorship is certainly well documented and would fail most free speech tests.   However if you hire sjw’s like twitter do then your not really a tech ipo but a political platform wanting to fail.

The monkey house usually gets its names right but it you want suggestions as to what an monkey would call a famous firm drop us a note on**

*sounds like a widget in a photo edit program **joke

by golly but...

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