conspiracy schemes and tin foil

Bananas reads that the cia can hack televisions* (my blog), phones,routers,microsoft (including there rubbish cloud) and most probably amazon echo or the google home thing.  Now while it probably resulted in a lot of tv’s being switched off yesterday at the plug as many humans bought these things with recording devices – saving power too!.

Quite what is the sane reason why you want Jeff Bezo’s in your house listening in to start with and who sells you stuff on top of the cost of the thing via it is another matter, although i am sure Mr Bezo’s is an interesting in person as a dinner guest**

Your average new tv is more computer than tv nowadays however i think us apes are fairly cia proof with our phones that you cannot buy any more and other things i have done which your have to read the blog to discover.  You too can be cia proof (bulk internet interception would be needed rather than device compromised) but the tinfoil hats are optional.

Can you blame the application markets – maybe, does a tv need a microphone no, and why did lg televisons still send data back to lg even when people did not agree to that feature illustrates that privacy is not something even the device makers respect so why would a spy.

bomb russia i say

What perhaps is the best is the fact the americans can blame others here instead of themselves – we all hear fake news about it was the North Koreans, or it was Russia when it appears the “good” guys are instigating some of this stuff.

It appears our friends at Booz Allen Hamilton are once again key to this release but when your both a serving officer and a boss of an outsourcer yet another leak (my blog) is proof positive your doing a great job and that small government really works.

While water remains wet quite where this leaves mass media is another point, the mass media did not look for this scoop and probably would have rejected it if they ever had been offered it and they would love you misinform you to push its narrative be it right or left.  Thank you wikileaks

To begin you can find tin foil in the kitchen.

*television ownership is reducing **rspv the zoo and we will share a banana with you but bought the old fashioned way

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