zone one, Colson Whitehead

inthefleshisbn: 97800099570141 is an author i think i am looking in to reading a newer title. This title was found in a library and free* and featured in newspaper list.

This is a tale of zombies and zombie disposal written with a sarcastic parody of starbucks the coffee shop .  Although a novel the material here feels more a short story and loses focus fortunately the publishers did not make this a a three book series which is the kind of thing there into.

Overall the past (now) is better although boring the reader with guns and tactics is something wisely kept way from by the author.

2/5 bananas

*if you think libraries are free then you have not been in one for very long time – finding a book in a nearby library is like winning the lottery unless you read mills and boon romance novels..

by golly but...

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