Bolshoi confidential,Simon Morrison

tutuisbn:9780007576609 has been out some months ago and only now did i notice that the library service finally bought a copy – make of that what you will as a state of affairs.  My commentary on that is why both even bother thinking about using a library when its a easier to buy it in a bookshop of some type.

I had it on list and was not that bothered that i had not done anything about it.

Bar the acid attack of recent this book documents the beginnings of things and it can be said that far from being russian it was dreamed up by an englishman and funded from outside russia as no banks existed.  Talent was imported from Italy and shows what a poor state russia was in after all why would royalty need money.

Royalty ended up owning this pan european creation which had its ups and downs.  There is very little in the way politics here but it is quite surprising that many communist works have not aged and things like swan lake are still performed.

The writer a musician mostly remembers that most readers dont give a shit that the music changed in something a hundred and fifty years ago and keeps it normal which is hard trick to pull off if mired in academic music as a day job..

Not my kind of usual thing but 3/5 bananas.



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