revolt on the right,Ford & Goodwin



isbn: 9780415661508 written n 2014 is related to this (my blog) who seem to have since imploded once more with leadership problems, brawling ever since June – who punched first, non respect make politics look exciting.

In the beginning its academic ideals it is ‘suggested’ that the right wing took over aka Mosley black shirt style style and that is rather biased. However both red and blue parties have since gone ukip purple chasing the anti vote.

sheepWhether or not people will continue to vote the way they did when red and blue parties where mostly pro europe is up for debate .


somebodies fingers also in the pie

Rather left wing in its interpretation as it uses facts to fit its narrative, however it has nice charts that explain why people voted the way they did and labours  immigration policy of non eu nations and and lack of action by the eu promoting the benefits or trusting the local political types to fight there corner can be inferred but these truths are ignored by the authors and ukip get all the collective blame which strikes me as odd being that for hundred years of two party politics no blane can be found elsewhere.

1/5 bananas


by golly but...

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