html5 validation in the wild.

The monkey house here in zoo needed its website changed so i got handed this job and when i ran my perfectly looking site through a validator it had a few issues but those things always do.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceHtml5’s date and time features i did not get and where complained about especially pubdate which seems to have confused many so i left those in.

Nav roles also brought up a public health warning which i ignored.

The rest where my errors, unclosed div’s, form elements without id=”foo” and of course the odd typo.

In the end i fixed most of the issues but a noscript issue made me question my sanity when the feature which needs a scripting back end told me that it would never run in a noscript environment, i would hope so.

The site still looks the same for all the improvements.

Really it does not look like i did anything, but i did. Honest

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