Lawn mower assembly (not boring)

Bananas was called out of the monkey house one monday morning to assemble a lawn mower which i had heard about from the zoo staff but had no idea i was going to help  ‘assemble’ it

This may have been a scientific test by professor and if so one he would have failed – he does not do instructions.

Having found the lost wheels and the instructions i used a bit of brute force and then got to the handle.  There was some faffing about with up/down and left/right but four screws later it began to look like a thing that worked like in the pictures found in the instructions.

So i think i passed, if you are stumped by garden tools assembly come visit the zoo and your box and the monkey house will probably be able to assemble it for you – bring a banana for incentive which professor did not provide.

Professor appears pleased so as long as i do not have to mow a lawn lets say both of us are content.