chav sports in there chav home [itv]



As a watcher of twitter* i was surprised that horse racing and wrestling (my blog) where trending and apparently back to the home of chav television (my blog) here in the united kingdom over the new year**.

Betting upon it is the main aim of one although the betting shops i walk past in Camdem seem to have tv although i have never been in one, and wrestling is probably deemed more scripted ‘drama’ rather than a real sport or corruption issues.


Je t’aime

chavIt was surprising as these ‘working class’ sports returned to a free platform rather than on some vague sports channel that i as a rupert murdoch and also a sport hater would never consider buying although its probably steal-able i imagine.

The lesson ? while some might pay for this trite (my blog), for a mass market it has to be on fta tv otherwise it is just a minority sport.   Football and other sports might take note.

I have not heard of any more since but since i do not watch a lot of television to begin with it seems to have been deemed a failure by the accountants.

*not a writer,** this is not an fast and up to date blog

by golly but...

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