Android on a pc

I was in a library one day when i looked at one of those supposedly  ‘computer’ magazines which are essentially microsoft shills* nowadays rather than real journalism.  Last computer literature i bought was byte magazine but some shit competing publisher bought it and closed it down

It is more aimed at the hardware buyer naturally with a copy of microsoft windows naturally included not choose your own os and no apple products to be seen either – eg tactics the mafia would use.



Anyhow in a fit of weirdness they had an article on (not a neil gaiman book) which is a android on pc os but naturally for ‘older’ pc’s just to keep things you know microsoft friendly.

I tried it and it is basic but has good linux support for hardware but it needs a 8gb usb stick.

You still need to sign in so its not a really different version of andriod but interesting if rather google centric.  An alternative to linux on old pc’s too if your unwilling to try something (my blog) like that and know it via your phone.

I was exploring how it implemented flash and it failed those tests, but if your pissed off with Microsoft try neverwhere if you dont want to try linux which is what the biased journalists where hinting.  It runs off a usb stick to try before you install it.

Anyhow i have said what i wanted to say.

*no criticism is allowed of microsoft by journalists.