mental gymnastics for star wars fans

pa6412leo.jpgWhen i write this yet another star war’s film is out (not anymore) which i have not seen and others in the works. On youtube i notice that the ‘fans’ are doing some serious mental gymnastics trying to keep there love intact.

Can ‘star wars’ maintain its integrity ? as a story and not do infodumps on how things work something of which star trek voyager (my blog) seriously screwed up where previous series did not bother to venture in such territory.

Star Wars is on the losing end of the battle like star trek was with its poor sub standard books, tv shows and video games which with every new explanation mean the trite star war fans now need may be at a point where even the most obsessive fan might find it boring.

There will become a time when the franchise will once again be put away.

Anyhow i hope you star wars fans enjoy your visit to the toy shop today.

by golly but...

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