Idiots in politics and the royal lizards in the news

Fiona Locke’s biggest fan Theresa May

I do not like May (my blog) but i am now convinced she is a idiot trying to dump the labour leader which is the equivalent of a comedian disposing of there funny jokes.

I do not like Corbyn either.although respect him more.  Anyhow citizen May just made the other party a lot more electable in the future so considering this is a ‘non essential’ election it is short term thinking that will eventually hurt the conservatives. A legacy i think she will not like consider Andrew Turner who whether you consider right or wrong on his views of homosexuality shows that the conservative appeal to all could be diminished in no time as stereotype nasty people .

As to the choice of two anti europe parties (my blog), the regional pro europe parties (my blog) it will be interesting see who loses most and who gets the credit for dismantling the ‘union’..

what the royals and the Duke of Edinburgh really look liike in six months time

Mind you idiots are good at idiotic stuff its proven which might explain the newspapers here going for royal happy photographs of young and old royals and associated ‘girlfriends’ on the front page with the ‘election’ covered on page twelve. .

You do know your screwed right ? Carry on (not here)