Emerald city

emeraldcityIs a television show of the wizard of oz which is a bit more grim than that film that you all have seen unless you live in north korea.  Franl L Baum is not without it adaptions of his world of whom many us librarians did not approve in the 1920’s of and if your homosexual and work in television then yes you have to do a reboot.

I know little but saw this (my blog) and prefer this interpretation (my blog) in book form.  Like i say its been refreshed before.

We again are not in kansas anymore and an ethnically diverse (alas no midgets) cast do there shit i think the bloke is the man without a brain you get the idea.

There are more adverts than ‘content; so buy a dvr (my blog) and your save hours and hours of time rather watch at broadcast considering what little i paid for a usb stick its seriously worth it if your tv thing supports it, alternatively do some jobs that need doing that also works.

Amusingly the broadcasters here offer phone previews of next weeks episode via something we dont have in the monkey house, however seeing one episode in itself is a achievement.

I suppose it is closer to the books of which american librarians in the 1920’s where not fans of and i have not read.either i glanced over a summary of once some years ago.  It will be interesting to see if this is a non starter after doing the origin story once again

2/5 bananas