Debian Jessie install from scratch

tux_and_beasty_costumesI had a bad debian testing install which required a reinstall – considering the am mount of updates involved it is a testament to the usual reliability of stretch that this post is a one off.  Sure things do get changed but are overcome-able usually.

It was a systemd fuckup (my blog) so not really debians fault

Jessie is stable and having a disk of the 64bit distro to hand i mad a backup and reinstallled from the beginning.

Most things just worked icedove and firefox needed there hidden dot directories and one edit to hosts meant i was back up in a day..

Only two things i cannot get working pi-hole and and kde keystate indicator to stop me WHEN I DO THIS.(that was intentional)

I can live without those.

The install was fast considering it was a net install disk but there’s a lot to like about debian.

by golly but...

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