the radium girls,Kate Moore

raduimisbn: 97814711533877  is a bit girly, our freshly minted author is described on the back as as

a rupert murdoch bestseller (my blog) and ghostwriter come playwright

So not a real bestselling author.  At times its very pro social justice warrior and blame science attitude when if it was honest would point the blame at on the handling of the radioactive material in the us not the nature of the beast.

readybrekIt deals with the glow in the dark (readybrek? – porridge) illuminated watch dial painters c1915 in the US, so european industrial handling was much better.

These american people glowed before there jaws fell off.

SJW’s complain about a lot of things and the use of girl is prevalent through this book, I suppose girl means victim right on sisters and fuck that equality shit.

0/5 bananas


by golly but...

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