Zimbabwean isps in the wild

the boss of unemployment

Zimbabwe sends the zoo some odd attempted email traffic considering that 96% of its people are unemployed and the chinese rmb (my blog) is its currency last time i checked.

Those Chinese people are sure generous with money and the family who run it.

The more exotic the country (my blog) then the more fun these are to do attempts 56

/smtpd[*]: warning: hostname 16.138.telone.co.zw does not resolve to address No address associated with hostname attempts 4

smtpd[*]: warning: hostname 16.250.telone.co.zw does not resolve to address No address associated with hostname attempts 2

policyd-spf[*0]: None; identity=helo; client-ip=; helo=307311.customer.zol.co.zw; envelope-from=karrycristinajm@excite.it; receiver=ape@zoo
smtpd[*]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using xbl.spamhaus.org; https://www.spamhaus.org/query/ip/;

The last one is kind of interesting but it has deemed spammy and quite why an Italian domain is sending mail from there confirms it.

Surely they cannot all be unemployed spammers, or perhaps the best ones emigrate to Nigeria ?

The .zw tld does not help being one of the last so they kind of deserve the attention being my geoip script lists it last and so sticks out like a sore thumb..Anyhow it is amusing that its leader who hates the english (not americans) allows his citizens to try and email the zoo i mean that being a really shit despot mind you there’s the 4% he still has to make jobless.

Try harder Grace Mugabe.

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