Andriod phones above version 5

Bananas was dealing with an ape with mobile phone envy (my blog) and who found a better deal than there relative did even if the gratification was not instant.

As I do not suffer from mobile phone envy (my blog) I soon discovered that version 6 (cyanogen*) and 7 android versions appear bloody hard to buy or cost (not rent) over $500 us dollars for the phone with that version.  Version 5 appears to not have this problem

Being practical it appears the android upgrade path is closed to many through lack of choice. I wonder if this is a choice or a governmental order.

When the phone arrived  – i had to figure it out despite my hate of phones (beyond the ape with mobile phone envy) and being a cheap phone it appears to do most things and honestly for a £70 phone running the most easily available version of android and i think i could get used to it despite my cack handed setup – eg no google account since the install kept freezing at that point.

Complaints – It needs a better web browser – not google, and the paper instructions came in French so figuring out how even how to put the battery in back was a mystery even for the French and since i did not want to break it with too much brute force I had to find a pdf manual and see a video on how to insert the battery.

I had a fun hour and half swearing at the thing before handing it over – hopefully for i never see for year – alas my peace was interrupted so its off to the library and pick up a rare book for the ape with mobile envy.  Sigh

Would i buy one ? maybe but i prefer a real computer.

*bought by microsoft and shut down let the fud (my blog) begin

by golly but...

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