Burning Plugs and the stone age on Monday (or british airways on a bank holiday).

The zoo was plunged in to the stone age when the fuse box tripped (my blog) and took most of it offline.

I lost the adapted firewall which of comprising two months banning which was a superior list of shit isp’s clients but never mind most of the really bad ranges are hardcoded for cold restarts anyhow

Having identified the offending thing that went bang (unlike british airways) in minutes i was also tasked with fixing things which was a plug that looked as if if was on fire at some point and it chewed through at least two fuses.  One of which remotely turns on and off and the hidden plug.

An hour later all was well with an amputated wire to the item and new plug and fuses.

Not how i planned to spend monday.it is not often that we see a plug look like its been through a product test.

Overall it is the first plug that i have ever seen that bore the brunt of a fault rather than cascade to the actual equipment – it is a good design on reflection.

However we did better than British Airways who had a three day break from being an airline.  As to whose fault that was well i cannot tell you .