The clergymans daughter (theresa may)

street urchins

George Orwell once wrote a book with that title and i have no recollection of it except it was not that good but clergymen daughters see the worst in society (even before payday loans) her inability to argue points without sounding a snob or the thought that your going against jesus and the church of england.

I know this as we knew a woman who saw the same worst people in society being a clergy family*.  Bananas in the Falklands does not particularly care for fox hunting** and also is not a islamic terrorist which May’s solution to is censor the internet rather than blame government (my blog).  The parsons daughter sees and does what she knows rather than engage in critical debate.

There where always two possibilities the first was that with a majority she would destroy Corbyn and toxify the conservatives as well, the other is that her inability to engage would validate Corbyn and de-Tony Blair the left as her brand of conservative is toxic even for blairites to dare suggest.

Since i did not vote (my blog) i am most happy with the result. It shows wiseness by many of whom collectively got it right. Instead of the two s words*** i conclude that citizen May is In-stable and insecure.

*not catholic **most people dont care ***to win a banana skin (fresh) comment with the famous two s words – collect your prize from the zoo.