The mysterious place.

I was listening to something technical when the people who where talking spoke about films to lighten the mood towards the end.  One children’s film was mentioned but no other cinematic items could be remembered by the speakers who where not film critics or had liberal arts degrees (my blog) either.

chavThis mysterious place is called a cinema and i too cannot remember a desire to see a film in one because all the films i wanted to see do not appear to get a distribution – one includes a japanese anime film which no doubt i probably see on dvd that your average chav would never see because of subtitles.

The other has slipped my mind being some months ago.

Maybe i am lazy for not seeking out these films and there one 9am monday cinema slots in some distant cinema (not an art house film from an ex famous hollywood star) so perhaps it is best that the mysterious place is kept that way.

Amusingly the cinemas hate of netflix seems misplaced for i found the films on there more to my taste.. If only they knew….

by golly but...

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