Netflix documentaries

Since my library books have dried up (jewish month is bad) , i bought a netflix sub and spent an evening or too seeing things. In this blog it is documentaries and seem a ideal way to keep things in context.

lastmanonthemoonThe Last Man on the moon

imdb: tt3219604 is a biography worth a see about Gene Cernan who actually did something sciency with rocks rather than just fly there and back for a walk.

It is a shame that science took a backseat but that short term political thinking at work

5/5 bananas

Under the Sun

underthesunimdb: /tt5129818/ North Korea get taken the piss out of via a Russian.  Expect a lot of dancing but if the North Koreans ever host the olympics the opening and closing ceremonies will be bloody brilliant

5/5 bananas

The thin blue line

imdb: tt0096257 is an older documentary dealing with Randall Adams, i knew of it for Philip Glass (my blog) and also like Errol Morris stuff say the Fog of War (my blog).   An odd case but a trailblazer for future documentary makers.

5/5 bananas

lopezKids for Cash

imdb: tt2925642 deals with the justice system and private prisons, specifically in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  It is insightful if perhaps guilty of cherry picking its examples. Somehow i can forgive that since america likes to lock up people so i am sure there are more examples of the practice.

It starts with this (my blog) as a knee jerk reaction – however with sentences of 17 and 28 years for two members of the judiciary lets hope they too endorse there chosen preferred housing scheme.

4/5 bananas

Sam T Cogley from star trek and court marshall

Sam T Cogley from star trek and court marshall

for the love of spook

Is a documentary (imdb:tt4572820) about Leonard Nimoy (my blog) and if you like old star trek then there’s something here

5/5 bananas

Amaanda Knox

Is famous for Italy where she either murdered someone (my blog) or did not.  In this she comes across as an average american who just happened to not notice a murder and had great public relations so quite what happened is still up for debate.

1/5 bananas


imdb: tt2721744 is about Russia’s nuclear processing industry and its past, present (my blog) and  future

4/5 bananas

Deep web

imdb: tt3312868 asks simple questions and gets no straight answers on.  However the fact that federal officers have been in the cash register (not here) shows the failure of the case.

1/5 bananas – rather out of date