Bride of frankenstien systemd networking

well done systemd

I cannot see the point of systemd networking which i attempted here (my blog) but i kind of got both systemd and interfaces to work, although my dns servers specified does not work and the dhcp one takes precedent.

So systemd networking is pointless if I need both systemd and a network manager to do stuff.  I mean if one can and the other cant why bother with systemd.

Another ‘problem’ for systemd is i had a virtual .network file which matched eth0:1 in /etc/systemd/networking from my before experiments and it became the the address for the dhcp ethernet slot.  Having deleted the non working virtual network file the network manager reasserted itself (interfaces) and behaved itself.

My experiments with a then clean systemd folder did not work with a file clearly i cannot be be in the wrong despite systemd not making an interface.

Somehow i ended up with this for a time i guess once, but on reboot it changed.

networkctl status eth0

● 2: eth0
Link File: /lib/systemd/network/
Network File: n/a
Type: ether
State: routable (unmanaged)
Path: pci-0000:01:00.2
Driver: r8169
Vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Model: RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller
HW Address: x (secretCO.)
Address: 172.16.0.x          <- interfaces specified x4
172.16.0.x                     <-dhcp via systemd
fe80::82fa:5bff:fe0a:1fe4  <-dhcp
Gateway: 172.16.0.x

Its a pointless mess of both but sort of worked once on reboot


Address: 172.16.0.x
Gateway: 172.16.0.x

I think if you use systemd other than very basic usage on client workstations your asking for trouble.  I have had enough of this new shit.  Networking should never be handled by systemd.

So i tried and discovered once again how shit systemd (my blog) is