Obsolete printers

a printer, not from the zoo

One of the zoos printers was starting to jam more and more often despite attempts at ‘cleaning’ it after nine years i discovered that it could not be fixed and the parts where not made or unavailable even from spare part websites.

It kind of works and looks ok but to bodge fix it meant superglue on cracked gears and a large hole in the bottom of the case (requiring power tools the zoo does not own) of which the results of only apparently worked temporarily should you google hard enough.

It is kind of a shame to chuck it away but second hand printers are not easy to obtain and new printers allow printing from android (my blog) where cups support for older printers is a game of Russian roulette and costs money rather then being a simple will it or wont it to maybe.

The zoo did not complain about it dying which is unusual.  – usually the response is – thats not right can it be … Anyhow its dead and going to where dead printers go.

Its replacement is a tale worth regaling to you which you will enjoy and you will read some point in the future.