Chinese netflix

Continuing along (my blog) and since i theme these may I suggest

dot to dot

imdb: /tt3743974 is an inoffensive film which i liked from Hong Kong

5/5 bananas

The stolen years (Bei tou zou de na wu nian)

imdb: tt3175936 is from 2013 and rather american yuppie inspired however it is a film that has some charm despite the saccharine it has a range that allows the script to explore the couple from nice to nasty if once again has not a political bone in its body and with one character is a bit of a doormat, it is Beijing based film maker on the mainland..

4/5 bananas

As i am not into kung fu films i doubt i can add much more to this post.  It is an barometer of what gets made or shown domestically in China which without censor input means it will not get made.  Some of the state government propaganda films look just that

by golly but...

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