Opendmarc final thoughts (no knock knock jokes)

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Generally works although some dmarc records do have errors in (my blog) and since its computer to computer chat nothing much we can do about it expect to bounce more email due to not your problem..

adsp (my blog) fixed reports getting sent out and a feedback loop can exist between hosts.  I send reports every two days.

import of records to sql is needed if you restart the daemon on say a reboot is a once a month occurrence here, otherwise the history is reset, expire is a waste of time since your waiting 180 days (six months ish)  for it to start so that’s a cron job but runs nearer the time of when an expiry is needed otherwise it just wastes cpu and memory if your new to reporting.

Eventually i renamed our dmarc socket from 54321 to 8893

Dmarc is missing an opensource report analyser – not something i really want and if you have a gmail account then you too have dmarc silently sending stuff back to the mailer.

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Many marketing sites have dmarc setup so it is quite creepy – however if the zoo flags email as spam it is still unseen by a carbon based human so delivery should not automatically mean seen and acted upon hitting the correct address does not mean that dmarc can confirm it hit the users mailbox.. It hit the mail server but got rejected by it too.

Dmarc does confirm mailbox user seen, only it was logged

Seems to work, although rare to get reports.I like dmarc.

Retards with dmarc, and ( are deserving of having the reporter from ignoring them since it takes a week for some scumbag to clear (or not bother to) there gmail reporting address.

Here is my ignore retards with dmarc list

opendmarc-reports –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Do you have other domains worth blocking ? please comment

I may return to dmarc when i upgrade debian.  and i found some sql import packages  too.

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