Professor of queues

I had to visit a post office one day to pay something into an account and when i got there there was very long wait. Since it was a shop as well even the soft toys looked grumpy and where also segregated as to look as if they had been fighting and if they had facebook probably they would have unfriended each other as well despite being ‘cheery’ happy bears one might send as a gift**.

That thought actually happened.

There retail stuff was overpriced on some items i am kind of aware what it should cost.

There also where labels everywhere saying you have to buy stuff like pens, and if you queued for as long as i did there is no way you would want to buy non post things* in this establishment.  It was passive aggressive for atmosphere.

Eventually i reached the top of the queue where to my delight there was two people serving – however cash was also being deposited at one since i arrived thirty minutes ago. I assume the other can also do what i want and find out yes they can rather queue twice..

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

My thing takes a minute and surprisingly works which i kind of assumed would not happen.

It was a curious experience.

Eventually i was able to get back to the zoo.  I am glad i do not have to do that every day.

Why are post offices so miserable places to blog about.  I think have enough for a professorship here.

*the zoo too obtains its stamps from a cash and carry and not a post office for reasons of discount rather than use a post office.** i suppose somebody might