The task nobody wants to do

Which also includes me who set it is for our ape with the smart phone (my blog) and the ape with the phone who cannot be bothered to do it either (or i was an hour in the vets excuse).

So the alpha feels a need to intervene and so takes the ape with phone to place with no phone shop [one of those big groups].but goes to a place with no corporate retail shop.

Ironically after weeks pass by the smart phone ape asks me what i should be doing and would i sort it out.  Keeping a straight face was hard. Mind you with the tariff costing £4.50 for failed calls (user error) i am sure one day something will happen

I am past caring but find it most amusing and something that even the app cannot fix how do you login and use a password with a 1997 sim card after all such things as apps or smartphones did not exist.

Another month passes and i relent after being asked again and I get a pac code which has a shelf life of three weeks and an option for not as cheap calls.  Despite being asked nothing else happens.

I quit this phone stuff.

by golly but...

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