pi hole (nothing about circles)

Is dns blocking using a thing but as a debian user i could use without the crap fanboy hardware (my blog).


I simply installed it on a workstation and it uses dnsmasq

It currently does ad blocking by default so comment services wont work as there deemed trackers, i have no idea what facebook ends up like looking and it is a non issue for the monkey house.    I was interested in it as i was looking for possible rpz data feeds

Questions could be asked  about say the iab.

nodnssecOne problem with pi hole is no dnssec validation (my blog) although i have valid tlsa out of the box dnsmasq needs a dnssec option. For an exercise it does not appear to works once you find the the right config file.  An issue most of you wont have.

Being new to dnsmasq that was fun and the ability to swtich it on and off lies in /etc/default.

pi-hole works with a script file and to find the source files took a bit hunting, there are no pauses with website loading.

I would not bother with the raspberry pi, there probably out of stock anyhow when three fans bought all the production of them all for the next twelve months.

by golly but...

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