dirty looks on the high street

In Camdem (near the zoo) a building has become a new childrens nursery after being converted from catering use and the last six months plus there where builders doing things to make it habitable. It is overdue opening by a year plus on my estimates and most is not the builders fault – old buildings do suffer and once you start doing things other things crop up.   It is sort of now open and when i leave the zoo and get the monkey houses bush telegraph i notice once again how female the high street is (my blog) with nails, hair and the charity shops

Apart from missing machine gun towers the new establishment has been secured like a prison and also has staff who love odd signs like this.

Even i am getting ‘stranger’ looks from the staff and its clients as they despatch there darlings for twelve plus hours of toddler community service or whatever the buzzword is for little peoples prison while they go do something else with Vanessa George (my blog) in charge of the asbo milk drinkers.

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist and nursery employee which got bbc cin charity money

I think the high street is doomed if these attitudes continue but that is what do I in the mornings and have been doing longer than these new special people.

Its location although central seems at odds with the notion of quiet and clean ‘air’ you may or may associate with children’s facilities.

At least it is not another charity shop (my blog).

Toxic environments for retail seem a thing.