the email firstname.lastname.191 problem

lets poison the gin

The monkey house got a leaflet and the email address had a numeric number on the end it looked amateurish but it is a big problem for many email providers.

Although i do understand since email is beyond most hosting firms and isp’s these days that the user.192 syndrome is to be expected.

Try using an android phone without a gmail thing and this problem will soon crop when you ‘request’ one.

More video channels

Continuing on from this (my blog)

blackfridayColin Flaherty (not here) or (not here)

Appears to be gone after youtube decided to not be there sort of thing.

Although i did not list Dave Cullen before he apparently has now left youtube as i indicated that many will start to do he is on (not here). A good example of youtube censorship.

lizzards mam

The Britisher

Here (not here) is at times on the ball.

If your eagle eyed and in the know you may know that two of my prior ‘favourites’ had a falling out – i still respect both regardless of what happened.


.win tld

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Bananas was reading the mail logs one morning when a .win domain caught our attention for being deened spam. I was sure it was but knowing where it was i unzipped and read it in console.

.win is for

There is a vast array of global online gaming opportunities to suit all tastes. The new .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) contains online gaming resources

no i did not know that either.

But the email was for spamming life insurance and more html than text.

The moral was .win tld is very deserving of its spam rating.


capita still shit at spf and computers

Capita (my blog)do various things for both government and business, there still shit at information technology take take this.

Received-SPF: Softfail (domain owner discourages use of this host) identity=mailfrom; client-ip=91.199.12*.*;;

That ip range is also capita, sent by capita but somehow not captita.

If you can comprehend the yes yes but no by these geniuses then you have learnt something.

low budget ‘horror’ films

If you want to make a high profit hollywood film better forget it with hollywood accounting (my blog)

Anyhow some films do have a high profit to cost ratio, these are horror films with shit production values which mean two people and half a dog seeing the film equal a profit.  Which brings me to the human centipede of which i can happily tell you was on free tv unknown by me one day in the past.

Having heard (my blog) of the nature of this film i decided to have a view although i had missed the start.

retardThe horror was oddly mia – a dentist extraction scene saw a cut from the actors to a prop and then there was the moaning*, and the people pretending to be the thing where wearing underwear.

Prudish ? – having removed teeth and pretending to have surgically glued three people together of something i discover that underwear is a thing.

If this is what shocks your average horror fan then there a bit retarded.

Five minutes of this crap reminded me of midget horse riders (my blog)

I have no idea what happened , but know they made a sequel of which i have no desire to see.

You have to wonder why some choices where made.

*excuse the pun

Theresa May’s model Potemkin library (a true story)

Theresa May (my blog) represents a town called Maidenhead which is on the river Thames and has a train station. Her position on nearby Heathrow expansion is best not examined for consistency.

Anyhow there library has a book that professor wants and he can obtain – it is the only copy in the south east of england in a library and it is available.  But…

The only trouble is that due to a procedure they will not release it.

That speaks volumes about the conservatives and her Potemkin village (wikipedia)

So next time some politician (right or left)tells you your not using libraries and they MUST BE CLOSED do remember Maidenhead where the library is just for show not for books.

secondhand busses – too much email fun

metz bus

You may remember the zoo’s secondhand bus email address (my blog) which is advertised if you scalp something but does not work although it looks genuine.

Well it is still active as which is in Metz, France (at time of writing)  had a serous go at trying to send the zoo something about second hand buses.  If you bought that list of spammer leads then you made me laugh and fulfilled my desire to see what a public transport bus in Metz looks like.  Pink!

The whois is a bit sparse but seem to be an isp.  I am amused and pleased to see idiots exist.

Do you like to see what a bus looks like worldwide – you know what you have to do and your regional bus brand might be featured.


hp ‘instant’ e-ink

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Well it seemed a idea worth a test with the new printer (my blog) after all the low quantity hp inks will need replacing sooner rather than later and with heavy document printing in the month it was bought and with some months free its worth at least £26*.  Either way the zoo would have to had buy ink for a printer unless you colllect printers that cannot print..

The instant ink wording is not nice – go over and charges are soon incurred so it probably is not for heavy users (300 pages a month) not that i or the zoo care if the ink is genuine or not (my blog).  Lets face facts even you do not care about retail packaging – you just want ink not coloured cardboard packaging designed for a retailers point of sale displays .

The assumption here is that it theoretically brings down the cost of printing to what we would pay anyhow with non hp ink which is available for the printer.  Savings of 30% are reduced to 10% if you switch benchmarks and use the guide price of non hp ink which is what i did as i am just that sort of ape.    I wrote a spreadsheet so i have a fair idea – if i can ‘profit’ by comparing it to compatible ink then that seems a more reasonable comparison rather than just to hp ink

Duplex printing is accounted as two sheets, as to whether your printing is all colour, or mostly black and white is not a distinction made.  The control panel is not part of hplip the linux driver and separate so another printer is something i am going to keep working and will purchase ink for it outright opposed to ‘renting’ pages.

Do these cartridges last longer than the retail ones ? no idea so far but expect a six day post delay from hp when sending ink – as hp supplied the starter inks and it was government form printing month here in the zoo perhaps instant ink is not as instant. A first impression although ink levels appear ok after minimal printing after those large government documents.

It is nice to have a printer that prints rather than jams so that is another interesting issue as to how jammed pages are charged for.

The delivery of replacement inks is not particularly fast but they also supply recycling envelopes which shows that non genuine ink suppliers have taught hp a thing or too.

einkThe ink cartridges are longer than standard ones if standard one looks like a like van these look like an hgv however the basic hp supplied black ink crapped out at 89 pages, hp instant nk registers as that rather than hp ink  The ink sensor did not detect that there was no black ink left – thats one failing hp have still yet to get right.

I had to replace one starter ink with the hgv sized ‘instant’ ink  It appears that the mandatory test sheet for the scanner  to verify the ink cartridge is counted as a paid sheet even though you did not desire to print it however i recorded it as a charge and then a few days later the counter was less one page. Non printed output is still charged despite the printer not printing the output correctly – something to be careful off.

I have more questions than answers, i imagine that print head cleaning is a costly business with e-ink and not recommended. A long term factor that will prove bad on the economics of instant ink. So i will return to this topic and bore you further! What exciting stuff.

As mentioned I still use a non instant ink laser printer for black and white things where the zoo pays £12 a cartridge.  HP charges £ 60 for a 1500 page unit.  You may see why i still compare non hp ink with instant ink despite the unfairness of the bigger size which is like comparing apples with oranges.

Only a fool would use hp sticker prices and i do not like to be called one of those.

Since i took the screenshot – instant ink has had a website ‘redesign’ which sucks imho.

If you are still awake after reading all that well done your prize is a banana skin which you can collect from the zoo.

*more if you use hp sticker prices – a month is classed as 30 days it appears



Crunchyroll versus Netflix

missing from the line up

Once upon time i would visit crunchyroll and see decent j-dramas (my blog) but netflix (my blog) seems to have stolen that crown with this new  site also having the odd title (my blog)..

Now there is the one or two mega anime titles on crunchyroll still but i do not like those.  Overall netflix is the better platform for my taste for both anime and drama.

How things change.


Yara rules

trippy cow

Having upgraded to stretch (my blog) i discovered that i could now use yara rules since yara is now packaged.

The zoo’s config was lacking directories and the this-andthat or that_something meant i had to create some new directories but it appears after a day or so i will have extra strings to inspect in inbound messages.

Yara rules are distributed but not widely advertised so i might be missing some important files but it is nice to have the extra functionality for the future..