Bananas on films

Do not expect to find these in a cinema due to my scheduling and cinema owners not desiring to screen them.


imdb: tt2872732 is something i rather liked – well it did have an ape in it.- most people are a bit snobby about it – however i do hope the usb drive used is not as crap as the one i use to record television (my blog) on and which i weee’d (my blog) .

5/5 bananas

Monsters dark continent

imdb: tt1935302 is the sequel to this (my blog) not very good (undefined cgi) but as it was not in a cinema ok if not as good as the first film.

1/5 bananas

The monuments men

imdb: tt2177771 is an engaging film about art although i have not read the book which is supposed to be better.

4/5 bananas.

The neon demon

imdb: /tt1974419 metaphors throughout and a commentary on pretty people.

5/5 bananas

Europa report

imdb: tt2051879 A bit messy but full of those cliches ‘space administrators’ love – mind you it does warm up they certainly are not the right stuff

3/5 bananas

If you where expecting current super hero film reviews you better go elsewhere .

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