Electric cars interiors

The zoo likes the idea of the elecric car (my blog and watches reviews of them what does put me off is the fact that the 60/40 folding back seat found in most fossil fuelled cars is still missing from electric cars.

Why is this always seems to be an either/or thing in cars like the smart car or renault zoe which can put the seat down but it has always one configuration and not a mix of both?

Sure there might be a weight penalty  and extra material in this two part panel but it is useful with the occasional bulky item.  I suppose as a non hipster ape putting something in the back* is probably not something the hipster does but instead drive it round to show off to people instead.

Sigh. Anyhow you can now also look for this design flaw in electric cars.

*imagine that you go to ikea and buy a flat pack object? – or need to dispose of ewaste senario.