Australian netflix

It may be of interest (my blog)

australia tv


imdb: tt4649420 is a bit like rabbit proof fence a film which says i never blogged about although i think i mentioned.  Part sjw and science fiction it has enough going for it for the six episodes – expect a cliff hanger.

4/5 bananas – indigenous but incomplete


One response

  1. We love Netflix at Gastradamus, who would have know the small time Playa would take out Blockbuster, crazy how things turn out.

    I like your blog and I think you would like mine. If a good story is what your looking for, than Gastradamus is the blog for you. Be sure to check out our latest story called, ” PHONESTRUCK”, leave a comment with your thoughts and I’ll be more than happy to promote your blog. We have quite the following at gastradamus with nearly 700 followers, hope to see your there. Do we love Australia or what people

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