a forgers tale,Shaun Greenhalgh

isbn: 9781760295271 is about an art forger from Bolton* who got caught but as many art dealers keep finding lost paintings and Vincent Van Gogh detached ear you may think he is not alone.

Mr Greenhalgh is a talent who either would be genius or artist in his own right if the school system (my blog) had not failed him and even you think there no talent here there is a fine technical ability that should be admired.

He pokes fun at the art industry and the many snobs in ‘art’.  I like him for his candid nature and ability to see what the art industry is and through fame tell all.  Strangely this too is a book no publisher wanted to print until it was self published last year and clearly that means either the cultured types did not want you read this book or know the scams.

4/5 bananas – technical in chapters

*beyond Watford.