clever lands, Lucy Crehan

British version of high school grange hill.

isbn: 9781783622736 is a economist book of the year that no publisher felt worthy of commissioning. So to say only real ‘publishers’ do real books is problematic.

Crehan is an ex teacher who now manages stuff via some organisation she appears to have left teaching very fast for this do what i say job.

The book has an your a teacher vibe to it with a lot of things assumed you also know – being an  ape this is problematic, the charts seem to need colour and the transfer to black and white mean sod all to my brain.

The other side of ‘wonderful’ asian school systems is examined and some truths seem to hard to be admitted, Chinas people zoning comes to mind where even though you might work in a city since you where born outside of it hospitals and schools are denied to those people.

However even Crehan seems to be more concerned with test scores than peoples ability to change as she appears to have a teach for today attitude that the robot who paints cars for living might sneer at in a few years time.

Some coherent points are made and others thinly veiled by economics and demand curves  but i am not a teacher.

Another problem for this book is it is forgetful that is results are the the only thing that matters then how do people like educators stop cheating – for instance if they get paid on results then the ability to leak exams directly means better pay and statistics

No teacher is beyond that look at India, this is finally being admitted as a problem recently which makes Crehan either naive or blinded to academic thinking that means this wrong is a right.

3/5 bananas