.xyz domains home to spammers and idiots but not the ‘alt-right’

Is run by alphabet and as a top level domain one that attracts seo criminals (my blog) and idiots with malformed dns records according to the zoo’s server.

Although a new tld i am wary of it for what inhabits it. – If your going to ‘buy’ a .xyz be wary as i have already a blocked a a /24 based on the logs of the classlessness from this newish tld.

Oddly the sjw factor at alphabet (my blog) seems to think those are ok but alt right domain names are not.  Regardless of what is said and the validity when a registrar decides to censor does not mean those views and facts disappear.

Lets hope cute cat webistes and videos dont fall foul of the fish, bird and mouse lobby at google after all mice have rghts dont they.

Mind you perhaps that would improve things.

Think about it.

If i ran things i would not accept the spammers and the clueless