Netflix films

Here are some netflix film things (non Japanese) both links to this blog,

hell im leaving this sequel now.

Some blockbusters here but since its been months since i saw a film in a cinema the idea of seeing a comic book film sequel does not appeal.  The journalists of film reviews also make me wonder who love non mainstream cinema but forget that some us cannot see the film at 9am on a monday as its only screening.  Quite how ‘netflix’ is deemed bad and there situation is deemed good is a thing i do not understand.

However Netflix have the start of the Spongebob Squarepamts film (my blog)  thet i missed.

I note that below films i found interesting to sit through.


imdb: tt1971325 was kind of heavy going but eventuality got somewhere

3/5 bananas


imdb: tt2106651 A clever look at weaponised physics, again not great for words

3/5 bananas

Approaching the unknown

imdb: /tt2674430 introverted and a film worth a see.

3/5 bananas

Age of Adaline

imdb: tt1655441 is a charming film

5/5 bananas

While these films are not well known at least they get a release which is much more than what you can say about the cinema distribution network which is not something i am really bothered in.

These Final Hours

imdb: tt2268458 is a hard watch but worth it for the conclusion.

4/5 bananas

Here Alone

imdb: title/tt4814760 is a minimal film and while slow burn has a conclusion

4/5 bananas.

More netflix films here in the future.