Review of the year

Here we go. weeee…..

shaimasotJanuary Despite it being ‘jewish victims month‘ Israel diplomat Shai Masot decided that one english politician should be ‘taken down’ – oddly this was not fake news and it is ok for them to do so. Hypocrisy is good it appears.

Referendum chaos continues, and all the films deemed unscheduled having no superheroes in them all year got a release before quickly making way for another non superhero film which where distrubuted by netflix or amazon rather than the usual suspects.

Trump made waves, and the inventor of pacman died


_94673561_may_main_g_976Conservatives picked up Copeland (nuclear) despite the grimance (my blog)  I had a look at Netflix (been a while)

March Milo Yiannopoulos was dumped by the alt-right.  I kind of liked him despite Yiannopoulos ‘problems’ he caused his side being gay which i am fine with but even i could ‘sense’ a mismatch between who he was and the normal message a long time off..  I think he will be missed although his displacement will not be by another majority party (right or left) and illustrates the holes in belief.  If it can happen to him then it might happen to you that red/blue politics as it stands is fucked up.

Islamic terrorism continues, nobody wishes to call it that.

April Mizzou or the University of Missouri is finally reaping what it sowed by the sjw’s losing jobs and money as people avoid it i wonder if this is a start to the expected implosion of higher education.

Youtube (my blog not the site) is having fun and i got a visit from the supreme leader.

May: Tony Blairs peace legacy in Libya (old) left 22 people dead in Manchester.  There was an eggs and flour shortage.  Bonus terrorism events powered by Saudi Arabia also happened.

June: Theresa May lost the election after all horsey people with dogs always vote conservative.  The ‘loser’ looks a winner and certainly has a lot more personality than her with an admission reportedly that this generation of tories are toxic – something may said once too.

Show and Tell terrorism from the Islamic community was repaid back to them when a few decided to pay them back the compliment, they taught them after all if western society pays the price then it is no doubt fair that the ones doing it percieved to be or not get it as well

July Importing hate preachers into the uk became a thing for parents (my blog) who have no idea how repulsive they would be to there lifestyle perhaps they need a handmaiden..

Sargon of Akkad (last year here) had free publicity when a sjw decided to hate speech him.  The lost on sjw’s but thats sjw’s for you. The bbc got into argument with itself over pay it seems to forget that people apparently do watch tv for the people and chav tv (old) does pay more although apparently you can only known for doing stuff on one network not multiple ones.

I am confused by bbc logic and the perception of the organisation doing well or badly by many.

August The americans had a solar eclipse, Jemma Beale seen left and a lesbian was jailed for pretended to be raped by fifteen men.  That kind of upset the sjw’s despite problematic issues.

Schools in the UK discovered that exam cheating was a thing by teachers.which i kind of covered here for context.

Otherwise nothing else really got noticed by the monkey house

September: My usual library sank, Aung San Suu Kyi that hero of the left and ‘democracy’ in what was called Burma did not save Muslims  The msm approach was rather different to your average baying for the head of the right wing leader should they been that persuasion ..

Brexit is to takelonger than expected – i somehow doubt citizen May [mentioned above] will survive as the ‘strong & stable’ pm.

October: ‘independence’ caused spain some problems and the msm where rather shy on the issue for reasons best known to themselves no news means it is not fake news then – best not reported news ?.or not happened ‘honest gov’ news ?.The eu’s response was not pro people but pro government which made a blogger read by me who like me is remain question that position..

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Theresa May became a joke when her conference started to fall to bits and a prankster enlivened the proceedings kind of not the thing to be remembered by.

Harvey Weinstein famous for cutting films so much so he was sent a sword by this bloke (my blog) was fired for doing stuff to actresses which apparently became wrong this year.  Will Weinstien family still censor films probably..

November:  Twitter that paragon of left think got caught deleting Donald Trumps account and later shadow banning bisexual content, i guess there are no bisexual lefties according to twitter.  People are not supposed to notice such things.

hp sauce with its image of the houses of parliament on the label will soon be made less hot and spicy after a number of allegations of lady knee touching* and using parliament computers to buy sex toys.

Apparently nobody working there is an adult or can say the word no.  Although by the next month a fix is in and the women do not like it.   So serous though has been given by elected officials and i cannot blame them if it stops the bbc from getting news exclusives then the people who made the accusations can be blamed for making things worse for there own kind.

Computer game makers using childrens brands got caught out when they introduced gambling mechanics into a well known childrens brand which caused them a few issues and as something already not liked in mobile games also got the attention of politicians and governments as well.  Not what they desired.we thinks.

Love was in the air in england – well the royal corgis apparently got along with a member of the public,  Being me i thought that meant dog food, but if your in need of a matchmaker elizabeth 2nd corgis can either be purveyors of great taste in dog food, or love and as i think there is a tv program like ‘its me or the dog’ clearly the dogs are more important than the human in royal circles..

Jordan Peterson caused a few problems for canadian universities this year when sjw orwellian wrong think was exposed at Laurier University and made public.

Zimbabwe had a few problems this year after forty years of mismanagement caught up with it and while winning scrabble championships is notable it does not mean a lot so whether the new lot are any better than the old one is an issue up for debate.  The Chinese who own .zw seem to be happy.

December: Argentina ‘lost’ a submarine, it appears that none of its neighbours helped indicating how crazy they are perceived regionally. Arlene Foster is the prime minister instead of the childrens party entertainer [see above] so much for a mandate to lead, the uk is being lead by a religious fundamentalist.

Alin Marin age 22 deserves a mention for being both a thief and wearer of body hugging clothes (old) those male Romanians are trendy, Not sure if should award him a fashion prize or crook of the year – he might also be exposed to mobile phone radiation having 53 phones on him.

Catalunya voted twice for independence the first resulting in eu sanctioned takeover of the regional parliament and charges of sedition against leaders.  It shall be interesting to see how they explain that.

In television the bbc did there once a year ‘original’ genre drama ironically based on this in house bbc pervert (my blog), as to the rest of there output well lets say i did not see it. – Otherwise scottish stuff finally made to tv and the handmaids tale was on the whole was pretty close to the book even if it did mix aspects up.  The state also was an interesting see

Netflix impresses me.overall.

Films, I suppose i better list some netflix things since going to a cinema seems to be a rare experience with nothing to see if it was then i was not available to be seen – think i went twice in a year, those will eventually be reviewed and released.

Books of the year included war and turpentine, A wise greek wrote a book where some highlights although books from a library is getting hard work.  Plenty of reviews still to be posted and found in this blog..

Debian caused some fun, pinot grngio terrorised the zoo

So enough of this and see you all same time next year.

*apparently that is kinky in uae too where a Scottish person was arrested for touching somebody.

Elon Musk tv

Bananas was wondering about in netflix when Mars piqued my interest but it appears to be mostly an advert for Elon Musk who either is a genius or overstretched dream promiser like Richard Branson who from lofty ideals has become a tv media based empire or runs rail companies.

Musk with his pressurized tunnels, cars, and whatever else seems to not understand thermodynamics [thunderfoot] and so quite how everything musk will become common is a point of contention.

Mars is another Musk thing although mars as a project does have it’s conmen (my blog) and it apparently has paid some dividends as competition in rocket technology has meant nasa can spend a lot less than they used to so i read..

The series is an part fiction, documentary co featuring every bodies man of the future and his non unionised staff and details the problems of living there.  Fiction wise its pretty grim the documentary is could be perceived as an advert for Musk and all he has backed.

It is a lot more positive than some of these netflix mars generation (my blog) and sure yes i also would like a shiny future but i do wonder if the reality will strike him like it did citizen Branson.

It is perhaps more optimistic than most ‘lets go to mars‘ programmes and  so lets hope the hype does not derail the idea.


sports direct ‘ethics’

lets poison the gin

The monkey house was tasked with buying work shoes for a zoo employee. We found a very reasonable pair and purchased them online.

Only later did we discover that they came from a sports direct trading company – a firm of dubious nature although such name was not who they where purchased from.

I was not bothered by this and  it must be said that the sports direct management are rather clever at protecting that brand name for price and clearing old stock via another so it appears that this monster of retailing is probably something we all interact with after all even firms like harrods do not make shoes and probably there stock also too comes from this leisure goods companies warehouses at some point.

That makes the ethics a moot point

Another bad example is if your having chicken for food at some point today did it come from a certain factory in Wolverhampton* ?

It appears that they [sd] have made an effort to be more humane recently after there procedures got unwanted attention but it is strange where america might celebrate say amazon (my blog) us english see the worst in home grown ecommerce.

Point made.

*two sisters – perhaps a bad example.

the ‘outrage’ of convicting a uk female drug dealer

Laura Plummer is a drug runner who imported prescription grade drugs from england  into Egypt for her ‘unwell’ local boyfriend pictured with her right.  I cannot quite get the outrage she is supposedly generating by female journalists being on her side.

For if ‘our’ Laura was doing that to the uk we would call her all the nastiest names under the sun and cheer when airport security took her away after all you have all seen those programs*.

Questions remain – like who gave her the prescription drugs – where they legally issued or stolen meaning you probably paid for them if you live in the uk.  I do note that the abuse of prescription drugs leads many american’s to illegal drugs which are cheaper as documented by the Theroux documentary bloke.

wenlock a policeman

The assumption is that no female could ever do such a thing which sounds very much a case of female privilege after all if Laura was a man most daily mail readers would be demanding the return of the death penalty something of which all sjw’s are not in favour of.despite this ‘equality’ thing.

Who is the idiot here is something to be debated – the outrage in the msm, or her is good for shining the spotlight on the fact that females (wikipedia) are

Sugar and spice
And everything nice [or “all things nice”]

social justice warrior

But boys be

Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails

Appears to be an ok gender stereotype for sjw’s.

Anyhow was Laura Plummer humanitarian distributing aid or an idiot means somehow her guilt is proven.

*your local airport probably has a tv crew filming the latest series.

Quiting dr who

Bananas in the Falklands has decided to quit blogging about dr who (my blog) and watching it for reasons that it serves other interests rather than entertain and i have no objection to multi racial lesbian couples travelling replacing a man in police box although most of us have no idea what a police box is but if your a sjw then its probably a sign of facist (my blog) oppression..

Now dr who should be of universal appeal with monsters, can rather than cannot attitude, and the brutal honest truth now and then but instead it is something else to those who manage it and do not pay for it.

I would guess that the bbc will ultimately cancel the series  but not without giving it many many chances.  It certainly will not be sold to Saudi Arabian t& Pakistan elevision with its latest star in charge of the facist box..

If dr who was a period costume drama rather than genre then i guess none of this would be happening.

So as somebody who is engaged entertaining depressed armadillos (not here) today i will not miss it or bother to save it (my blog) or catch up with it (my blog).

See you all tomorrow.

Banksy’s alternativity

Banksy (my blog) is pretty well known and his presentation of the chirstmas story was watched by us apes here in the zoo.

The how to was a lot better than then tv program but then again probably to seen it live was the aim.

If  you find Banksy interesting then i think there is something worth a view even if the politics is toned down.

4/5 bananas

apache2-doc debian weirdness fixed

If like the zoo you upgraded from debian 8 to debian 9 (my blog) then apache2-doc fails to do something on the lines of

ERROR: Conf apache2-doc does not exist!
dpkg: error processing package apache2 (–configure):

But apache still runs.  – An purge and install eg:

apt purge apache2-doc;apt install apache2-doc

Fixes it so shit software like systemd will not complain about it.  Honestly no idea why you have to do this when the version of the package was current but that’s how things go with systemd