Wesley Perkins scumbag & Cheryl Jillions poor admin skills

Wesley Perkins aka Annabel

Bananas read about a Mr Wesley Perkins who is pictured to right who lives in essex who uses a number of aliases probably including a Tracey and a no doubt an Annabel. to mask it.   I have a gmail person (my blog) trying this who very well might be comrade Wesley.

What ‘he’ does is register/taste domain names expired and then charge extortionate prices just like this lovely amercian (my blog) who worked for godaddy.com (my blog).

The error begins when people ignore the six or seven emails from there registrar and also do not pay the extortionate** grp fee when open.  Domains used to have a three month or longer period in the registry before being able to be bought once again.

So either these upset ex domain renters clearly are incompetence or dislike there registrar say godaddy. An example of a retard is Cheryl Jillions who lives somewhere in suffolk and either imports orphaned children into the uk from elsewhere (non eu) as adopting children here in the the uk is too hard requiring people to be the ethnic and pro islamic suicide bomber correct or provides training for fosterers.

‘Days’* apparently after the expiry a shit show began and Annabel made a fee request that resulted in perhaps the wrong attention.

The newspaper did not ask icann [very slow to act] or wipo (my blog) for comment and the msm assumes that no blame can be attributed to Cheryl Jillions who clearly shits golden eggs having done nothing wrong by ignoring lots of emails and stuff.  However it cost her more money than usual to return things to normal

Jilliions (not a form of expressing numbers after x digits) should be congratulated on alerting us to an Adam Dicker version two  but wins no plaudits for her shit admin skills of failure to choose a better registrar rather than one who decides its not yours but there’s if you do not pay.

Both persons have fault at there door but this clearly is not reflected by the newspaper.  It is a shame that is not stated. Take Sony have also forgotten to renew domains (my blog) and did not have to deal with Perkins. So there is more to the story than stated.

One of them will not do that again i think.

*ignoring the six,three,one month,two weeks,,one week renewal requests along with few others…, plus the grace redemption fee period [30 days] so that is a lie. ** Compared with the normal renew

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