The branded pci slot problem

Bananas is not beyond installing things into computers when required but thinks the world of pci slots and things to the right look idiotic. Probably unserviceable too since you probably do more damage removing the case on the card (not the pc).

nvida driver software sucks too in fact the zoo never buys that crap with limits on functions and shit linux support means it is best avoided..

your average inter processor dreams of being

Crap software and marketing people should be shot for what they have done to the pci and its variant slot spec the ones with the flashing lights apparently need software just to flash and quite why your pc looks like a discotheque inside is something of which i never got perhaps your average intel processor secretly loves it? and is a party animal

I get the point of water cooling but pci has a reputation problem in my humble opinion.

But what do i know.

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