The talos principle

Is a game that i bought at a great price compared to what it normally costs.  Its premise seems a bit perverse to my brain but like portal (my blog) its puzzles.which are less absolute than the portal series.

It has imagery like this to your left and makes me think.  Some aspects look a little dated but the 2031 date thing is a good catch if your in the know. If you dont then it does not matter.

Some puzzles are infuriating and thoughtful where a virtual you and real you have to work together which is pretty unique for a game – kind of like a macro or script.  Once you get the hang of things it gets clever. fast, i loathe the mines and there timing something best played sober

The double you levels  is hard – this was my portal2 lift shaft moment.  Resetting is a problem through say you need a thing and get it, but then reset or die the item is then gone. – repetition is the only way or a one time run through a level which tells more about a game played by others before rather than a first time.

Screen dumps where a  mystery as they should work but do not i have no idea how i got the one above you on the right.  It is easier in portal also there is no level editor for linux so if your restricted to crappy operating systems and other peoples challenges if that is your cup of tea. It will lose a banana for that for the sync problem – they do exist but its a config problem

Somehow i was unable to do one star level on my first attempt although i did the puzzle dispensers thing first that may have been an procedural issue on my part and although one of three endings the atheist ending is the one I went with – quite how being with the voice in the sky [ remembered by whom?] or a messenger (a elderly version of you) is progress seems a failure but the philosophy was beyond me.

Since most religious people (my blog) are deranged  It is interesting to see how others think.

Bug wise i appeared to turn off the audio diaries at some point so the game appears to be prescriptive on the choices you make not that i cared for the achievement graphic (by blog).  Another issue [fixed by going back a revision]s was i dropped a box over a wall that i needed to stand on.   ..

I also got the ghenna dlc for a cheap price as welll so that will no doubt get a mention at some point.

4/5 bananas  – an entertaining way to spend seventy hours

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