this war of mine

Is a steam game that is very different to most war games it could be described as a platformer but is not.

Your a civilian in a war environment and it is well worth a go since it is quite thought provoking.

Its conversion to linux is a bit shit but it is the concept here that interesting rather than settings that dont save and weeny small fonts* which need some setting testing.  I have yet to get those right.

I would not recommend the dlc as i think you should explore the default game first,  the games forced inclusion of the dlc on the front page combined with bad updates mean it is hard to suggest as they are unnecessary.

Font wise it is a tricky game to play and until i survive i would not buy the dlc.  I seem to kill my civilians regularly.

Add ons [free] make the game easier although they increase the difficulty earlier on, not all addons are compatible, newer game versions on stream mean its a whores paradise for dlc something which has a bad  reputation of recent.

Eventually after forty hours i partially survived [50% rate]  being one of 33%  who lived long enough through the campaign – however i do have questions on the ethics engine used in the game – second guessing for future reflections seems a paradox in war that seemed to have civilised reflections on a time where civil society is non existent if i kept mum why was that not factored into the ethics engine.

Why should i pay thugs to protect neighbours is a question of ethics simulation i failed  – suppose everybody else was asked for food by the military .  Another is was it unethical to shoot at looters invading the house ? that was left unanswered.

The use of humanitarian aid drops would also appear to to extend conflicts and the paritsan nature of aid means the government areas get aid where non pro government areas do not – as happens in famiine areas like zimbabwe** and ethopia in the 1980’s.

Eye opening for those of us who do not live in the crimea, Iraq / Syria and the use of ‘aid’.

Not sure i can recommend it due to the font issue but as an experience its worth a go – do not buy the dlc untl you have simulated a victory of some sort – if at all apparently 66% of steam users failed to survive..

The updates to this game are awfull half of the start screen is devoted to the unbought dlc, and breakages in the game are rife, 450mb updates every month (for dlc i have not yet bought) meant i have archived the game to prevent it from upgrading it self as that serves no purpose..

*i still cannot yet read what ills my role players have [bottom right hand] ** 99.9% people voted for mubage.for 37 years