A summary on bitcion

An old person set me off on this topic recently and having not the tech (my blog) or willingness to deal with fools while i think the blockchain technology is good, its full of shysters and crooks like Mark Karples and his ‘missing’ wallets.  I also accuse mt gox of slowing down bitcoin with flashboys like speculation into a hft platform that screams an admission you got to have a dedicated setup simply devoted to it rather than a normal person…

A good idea until the crooks and php software writers joined that party, my issues with gpu’s and weird compilation mean i have lost nothing as it is hardly universal running software.

While it seems ‘easy’* to make magic the gathering magic money, nobody here seems to accept it

I got an interesting spam email recently not so much saying what to buy, but what they penny stock pimper wanted you to buy before they dumped this unknown coin back.  No urls, just “advice” – advised spamcop that it was spam from mexico

I still cannot see a way to spend *coins for material items and with $60 costs to spend them (if your able to) it appears that as curreny its shit.

Suppose you buy a newspaper the daily bonobo** which costs £2 a day imported, and then you have to pay £30 to make the payment via magicmoney.

– so whatever variant of bitcoin it is a bubble.  After all if a penny stock pumper and dumper knows about it then clearly there is a problem

*buy gpu’s or else **rwandas premier newspaper

by golly but...

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