how it aged… from 2014

I bought an ipv6 book since google will only get you so far and the 3rd edition written / updated  in 2014 and i spent a couple of days  going through the telecoms technobabble after all ipv6 is really for phone companies not end users, rfc 1918 makes life a breeze.

It was not a total word salad but the amount of rfc’s  and reference material was dense, many of the urls had also since been sold and the ipv6 stuff on the ‘internet’ had boldly gone to /dev/null further reducing the content of ipv6 found on the public web.

Its been a while since i had to buy a networking book and i do see some advantages to ipv6.

People keep claiming ipv6 is the next ‘thing’ but i see it as most of us being mired in ipv4 – i can remember (for instance) not 2001:*:*:*:*:*:*:* and yes can configure a nameserver but somehow i doubt that i will be switching the zoo’s internal lan to ipv6 only anytime soon.

The book eventually helped me talk to our isp and get sane replies to ipv6 questions more detailed than yes we have it.

I did also try another isp and the sales staff where also clueless about ipv6 other than yes we have it I was glad to hear that and decided to give up on those clueless idiots and persist with the secret handshakes of getting ipv6 answers to questions with our existing supplier.

I still do not think ipv6 is ready for users, but a telecoms thing for mobile phone data at this point.



The voodoo charity grope event – that’s ok apparently

Charity is extremely shady as a concept these days take Olive Cooke (my blog) and consider Wendy Watson MBE and her cancer scam (my blog)  but the charity featured here before and famed for spending more on  lawyers (my blog) and allowing voodoo (my blog) has resorted to groping females at fund raising events to raise its money to no doubt allow voodoo and expensive lawyers to defend its brand name over who goes there.

Being great ormond street is a children’s’ hospital  i suppose groping is ethical after all money rules and non beautiful children who are sick should die for reasons that make logical sense to me and you in this context.

I suppose do not be ugly and sick is also another conclusion that can be made.

Charity is so corrupt.