Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Is a television series based on five volumes of short stories which i have read – of those nanny, autofac, foster your dead and oh to be bobel are well worth reading.  As with all short stories there are the good, and the bad so It os kind of odd television has taken so long to discover these since they where written from the 1950’s onward.

s/f was short stories until it became popular and Dick is one of the best – if for expressing ideas concisely

Some of these have a good production team and it will be interesting to see if they can impress the value of the words to the screen

First was the hood maker, which is underwhelming in short story form in my honest opinion.but the tension and use meant it had something going for it – its cliff ending was perhaps a mistake.

Impossible planet is another underwhelming story [imho] but has a premise that people will get i did not like the fact that television attempted to give this tale a happy ending although which reality you believe is another hedging it’s bets/

Commuter is story cheap to do based on paranoia.- it was rather drawn out and extended.

Crazy diamond is sales pitch and earth based – the paranoia is missing and the mix of ideas used is whelming making it not sales pitch.  It totally missed the point.

Just like real life which i spent most of the time in fast forward as to who was who honestly i could not have given a stuff that apparently was exhibit piece sans the time travel..A Ronald D Moore misfire.

Human is was at least futuristic, and different to the short story a success although perhaps it took a lot from other short stories.

Some success here but a number of fails as well, part two of the series will continue at some point in he future, The short story collects [five books] are still best.