rfc ignorant email servers and software things

I am constantly reminded of bad email servers since i get a report each detailing the unclued  and dumb who think email is easy.

Your email server may kind of work but it does has to worry about non email things too as they can reek havoc.   Somebody had all the right things but the sending server screwed up the header, so our spam bot decided to not deliver the email.  I had no issues with that.

The dmarc report sent (my blog) might say we got it but it never hit a human,

Commercial list software is also odd with dmarc two ‘signed up marketing message’ lists also added the dmarc reporing address to them.

Quite how the dmarc address got on the list is something i’d love to know

Since our virus bot is working unlike those email lists and knows a bad header i was happy to accept its judgement as to not being seen by a human, dmarc is working correctly too

So if you think you email is getting through and it is 100% human signed up for it may not be so and if you wish to send the email to the dmarc user or reject dmarc mail because of the compressed file well that’s your choice.

Your still an idiot..