suppliers to script kiddies are registered in Seattle america so lets extend a warm helllo to and i am wary as to who they are,  I appear to just get script kiddies testing things here say.

smtpd[24268]: warning: Connection rate limit exceeded: 23 from[] for service smtp

It is not the first time i have noticed them and they come in bulk, and so i have blocked them as if you inform them nothing happens – so if your using them to send stuff to the zoo i suggest you get a better provider.

If your looking for a extremely scammy isp seems a good mafiia owned one.

If the zoo needs its security testing then you too might end up with your own blog entry.

british old age pensioner gun massacres.

With yet another us gun massacre recently* professor was telling us apes a very funny story about a near blind non english pensioner who had bought an air gun to shoot at squirrels for reasons best known to themselves

With extra of rounds of whatever air guns fire** we both wondered if the squirrels where safe and as this old person has a walking frame as well and so it became a bit funny.- do squirrels duck and cover ? (my blog) can they also outrun the pensioner ?

As to the reasoning that squirrels need to be shot and whether in fact the pensioner could hit one is very much up for debate.

Professor and us us apes really don’t understand humanity mind you the squirrels might rise up*** and take over the planet..

*where msm biases are glaringly exposed (my blog( and worthy of its own post, **i dont know what they fire.  I think rick & morty did that

Nadezhda Sergeeva and Meldonium [sporty crooks]

Meldonium (my blog) seems is also a olympic class drug misused by the Russians (my blog) as well as in tennis  once again as a person who hates all sport i wonder why you people are currently watching druggies do something.

Its not fact and you might as well be watching drug addicts shoot up and go on ‘capers’ in Baltimore (my blog)

As a non junkie for me to know a drug name is impressive and to remember it as well means i really do not understand  (my blog) this sport thing

Perhaps you watch it for the chemical reactions (my blog) ?

Music thoughts

I was thinking about how few innovative music makers there are. I recently discovered Brain Eno who wrote a specific track in 1975, Gabriel and Glass (my blog) who are also that generation came up with music that sounds like it will transcend time.

Bjork i can see in that list post 1975 being innovative but the rest ?

I am sure punk will be in the list of forms but i wonder where the average musician will rank four hundred years from now?

ipv6 a self made hell

drevilSo in this and that you probably may have noticed something.

Beneath the yes it exists is a  layer of consultants and salesmen looking at vendor lock in, want a manual ? they dont exist.

Sure ip4 has per configuration settings, but i dont know the ipv6 settings are but i do expect to buy a basic router and expect it to work as such without having to engage an army of gurus and salesmen getting involved  ipv6 appears to be voodoo and never mentioned by these firms

It is not my problem but if i cant buy it and switch things on how is ipv6 usage supposed to increase ? Maybe a fairy will turn it on by magic.


chav winter sports to replace olympic events

Ice skating (my blog) is an odd ‘sport’ (my blog) as i note (my blog) here and there (my blog) but i see a competition of ideas from the professional anorexics with celebrities also getting in on the act at the same time as the chav broadcaster (my blog) think that its a ratings winner probably because of  a certain disney film..

I was in the zoos security office one sunday when a beying mob where breify screaming at there favourite soap stars  or something.  None of the presenters where openly gay unlike the bbc who demand that fat gay women present all sport and why not.

I was unaware as to who these people where but when tv does not need sport (my blog) and makes it better without getting mugged by grafters and corrupt sporty people then perhaps being an Olympian is a waste of time – if you asked  the average people to name somebody perhaps the celebrity is will be mentioned.

The tv was soon turned off and nether sport or celebrity doing something like it was cared for.

I assume the tv version is cheaper than the sport version after all somebody has to pay for those free $40,000 gold watches for these sporty worthies all get.


bsd as a linux killer (no systemd)

not your average bsd developers

I dislike systemd (my blog( and with the total failure of postifx to load using this crap software  i decided to try freebsd and netbsd and installed it successfully rather then my fail attempt noted here (my blog(

It is early days but  i think it has most of the things i need including cups kde – netbsd has the nicer installer and freebds is a bit of download it all monster and has none of the control of lnux packaging.

It is vm’ed so far and if it does not pan out there is openbsd or devan so life after linux is possible.