weird google pagespeed issues with async and defer and http2

The zoo has a single webpage which some of it works and some of it does not dependent upon the browser.

pagespeed (my blog) a googlle thing likes things adjusted with async and defer html 5 keywords (my blog) add http/2 secure and unsecured methods* and you have a party.of which i was designated to solve

So one day i decide to fix this one page weirdo – removing those two words from jQuery and boom the page does what it used to do every time in most browsers.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Should you trust pagespeed – no, but i it seems the move to http2 is one that needs some thinking on with simple html.

I was kind of amazed i was that simple and that http2 conflicts with pagespeed but not too surprised after all what google wants and we want are two different things.

Our csp (my blog)  is causing an issue with some on page javascript which is probably redendant due to http headers but that is not a issue.

*not http/1