british old age pensioner gun massacres.

With yet another us gun massacre recently* professor was telling us apes a very funny story about a near blind non english pensioner who had bought an air gun to shoot at squirrels for reasons best known to themselves

With extra of rounds of whatever air guns fire** we both wondered if the squirrels where safe and as this old person has a walking frame as well and so it became a bit funny.- do squirrels duck and cover ? (my blog) can they also outrun the pensioner ?

As to the reasoning that squirrels need to be shot and whether in fact the pensioner could hit one is very much up for debate.

Professor and us us apes really don’t understand humanity mind you the squirrels might rise up*** and take over the planet..

*where msm biases are glaringly exposed (my blog( and worthy of its own post, **i dont know what they fire.  I think rick & morty did that

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