the pillars of the earth, Ken Follet


isbn: 97814471265443 is a twenty five year old book now made into a game*, i decided to have a go at this mainstream author opposed to my usual selection of books (my blog) where big book sellers are mostly ignored after all most of those seem to be books on cooking or self censored soft porn (my blog) and most of those are not very good or deemed a fire risk in charity shops.

It is a whopper compared to normal sized books these days and appears to not get bogged down in church or noble families machinations otherwise it would be returned unread.

Page 300 is where stuff begins to happen and reads well after all getting mired in a sub plot is a problem for all in big books of 1000 plus pages.   The last part bored me but a sense of community is conveyed opposed to what the rulers did in fictional terms.

papist fab! and gay

If you find medieval history dull like i do then then this fictional rendering is more human and possibly reflects more of society than the usual popes,kings and queens thing two of those wear dresses.

4/5 bananas. It might read his other kingsbridge book


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